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'The editors intend that this section will have regular articles on individual Colonel Stephens Railways, how they came about and how they were run. The Museum is in being to promote interest and research into his railways. Should you wish to contribute original, suitable and well researched material we will be happy to consider it, just E-mail us.'

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19th March 2015

A Summary of Kent & East Sussex Locomotives and Rolling Stock

The story of the locomotives and rolling stock of the K&ESR is often presented as a chaotic mix of second-hand stock acquired as and when needed but this was never true.

The prime determinant of provision of stock was traffic requirements. All trains except railmotors were run as mixed trains for economy reasons, and small locomotives meant that coaches must be light with high capacity. Stock acquisitions and changes made during the existence of the line were quite logical and fall into six main phases.

19th October 2007

Ticket Issue And Collection On The RVR

When Stephens built the Rother Valley he followed true light railway principles and kept everything to a minimum. This included not only small four wheeled carriages but also the absence of manned ticket offices at stations.

9th May 2006


To their detriment historians often neglect searches of local papers, perhaps because of the time it takes. Occasionally by pure chance press cuttings come to light that are exceptionally interesting and one has recently turned up via a website dedicated to Bodiam Happenings.

17th December 2003


Brian Janes has been busy again. Nasty accidents on level crossings have been rather too prominent in the news of late but are nothing new. Stephens was almost obsessive in his drive to build light railways at minimal cost and one of his cherished economies was gateless level crossings protected by cattle grids. This was adequate in days when little traffic was to be found on rural roads and even then only a plodding horse cart or lorry. In 1914 however progress in the shape of a speeding motor car nearly undid this neat economy and could have cost the Kent and East Sussex Railway dear.

9th August 2002


In the Colonel Stephens Railway Archive a typed report exists, almost certainly written for official purposes at or near the end of the war, reporting the East Kent Railways War record. We are not sure if this ever went into print. As snapshot of a now forgotten time and age it seems worth now setting down in Topics. Article by Brian Janes.

3rd November 2001


This article is based on notes prepared by John Miller, Honoury Curator of the Museum.

9th June 2001

FROM HEADCORN TO MAIDSTONE: The Kent & East Sussex Railway's Maidstone Extension

This article is an edited combination of two articles by Neil Rose in the Tenterden Terrier.

14th February 2001


John Miller, Honoury Curator of the Museum.