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Tenterden Terrier

That Tight Little, Light Little Train

You farmers who lately

Have suffered so greatly

From agricultural depression

Shake off gloom and sorrow

A brighter tomorrow

Will dawn in the course of the session.

By no relaxation

Of rates or taxation

By a certain sure-never-to-fail way

Through government's pleasure

To bring in a measure

For giving some districts a railway:

A tight little, light little, railway,

A nice little, light little, railway.

O think of the joy

Of that exquisite toy

A tight little, light little, railway.

Your wheat may grow cheaper,

The pay of your reaper

May rise to a figure outrageous;

The weather may lay all

Your crops, and your hay all

Be ruined by tempests rampageous;

Your stock mayn't grow fatter,

But that does not matter,

Except in a bargain and sale way:

What are these to the blessing

Of really possessing

A tight little, light little, railway.


You may not have a fraction

Of produce for traction,

Not a stone's weight to put in a wagon,

Not a horse in your stable,

No bread on your table,

Not a shoe to your foot, not a rag on:

All this would be frightful

Were it not so delightful

To see in a slow as a snail way

The trucks all go gliding

From track into siding,

From siding to track on your railway.


Then, oh fortunati

Agricola, wait, aye

Wait, for the clouds to roll by you:

Your troubles are over;

Your'll laugh at the ills that now try you.

'Ex machina Deus

Is coming to free us,

Not in the old-fashioned or stale way.'

Let this be your chorus

'A future's before us;

Three cheers for the light little railway!'