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'The editors intend that this section will have regular articles on individual Colonel Stephens Railways, how they came about and how they were run. The Museum is in being to promote interest and research into his railways. Should you wish to contribute original, suitable and well researched material we will be happy to consider it, just E-mail us.'

The list of Topics Articles is below.

4th May 2011

Holman F Stephens, Promoter and Manager of Model Light Railways

In an article published by the Railway Canal and Historical Society Brian Janes attempted to provide a rounded summation of the achievements of Holman Fred Stephens. Stephens was clearly one of those larger-than-life characters that have grabbed the imagination of railway enthusiasts but Brian asked whether he is remembered for the wrong reasons. It is reproduced here in amended form.

15th August 2008

Standing Alone: Stephens' Policy Of Independence And Its Cost - Parts 1 & 2

Long acknowledged as the champion of light railways, Colonel Stephens was probably largely responsible for ensuring that light railways were given the option of retaining their independence from the Grouping of railways in 1923. With changing economic circumstances this proved unviable and closure and nationalisation became the only way out. Brian Janes outlines the behind the scenes politics and its effects.

15th June 2007

Holman Stephens' Family Tree

This is a revised version of a talk given by Philip Shaw at the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of Holman Stephens’ death, which was subsequently published in The Colonel, the journal of the Colonel Stephens Society.

14th August 2006


'An article by Philip Shaw whose unique knowledge of Holman Stephens, the man and his family reveals that the Colonel had a half-sister who became alienated from the Family'

4th September 2001

WIND AND WATER: Harnessing the free power of the wind to pump water

This article by Tom Burnham appears in the Summer 2001 edition of The Tenterden Terrier.