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Tenterden Terrier

Tenterden Terrier Number 117 - Spring 2012

Tenterden Terrier 117 front cover

Tickets please!
Roger Allin
The Chief Booking Clerk reports on passenger numbers for 2011, which rose by 7.1% over the previous year to reach 100,341. This was the first time more than 100,000 passengers had been carried since 2000, the year in which the extension to Bodiam was opened

Obituaries: Monty Baker
Anthony "Monty" Baker, who died on 6 January 2012 at the age of 92, was one of the last surviving members of the staff of the old Kent & East Sussex Railway, which he joined in 1933. Apart from a couple of short periods on the East Kent, he was on the K&ESR until he joined the armed forces in 1940, his work including clerk, relief guard, driving the petrol railcars and firing on steam locomotives. He continued to take a close interest in the affairs of the K&ESR, and was always willing to share his knowledge and reminiscences.

Gricer's Mark I Musings
A regular volunteer comments on issues including the shortage of volunteers for a bigger railway, the demands on volunteers for management positions, and how to maintain shop sales when visitors have less money to spend. However, "Gricer" considers that 2011 was a tremendous year for the railway

From Tickerage to Tenterden: Richard Wyndham and the K&ESR
Tom Burnham
In 1939, the wealthy amateur painter Richard Wyndham (1896-1948) travelled on the K&ESR from Robertsbridge to Tenterden and wrote about his experiences in his book, "South East Survey", published the following year

The Kent & East Sussex Railway in 1931 – receivership looms
Charles Judge
In 1931, when Colonel Stephens was in his final illness, the Southern Railway compiled a report on the situation of the K&ESR. The Southern Railway owned 32% of the debenture stock of the K&ESR and were interested in returning it to profitability. However, they decided that the situation was hopeless, and on 15 March 1932 arranged for a receiver to be appointed

The trouble with mixed trains
Brian Janes
British Railways carried out a daily survey of timekeeping and traffic on the K&ESR section in August and September 1948. There was an average of 110 wagons a week working on or off the K&ESR, which rose to nearly 200 in the hopping season. Robertsbridge yard had difficulty coping with the traffic, and a largely one-way flow of wagons inward vis Robertsbridge and out via Headcorn seems to have been established. However, the use of mixed trains for both passengers and goods continued until the withdrawal of passenger services in January 1954

Wickham trollies – but not as we know them
Ken Percival
Describes the system of 2 foot gauge Wickham petrol-engined trollies devised by the author's father, Mr S. Percival, for use at Lydd ranges, where they carried tank-shaped targets, allowing gunners to practise firing at moving tanks

One day in June 1936
John Miller
Detailed descriptions of a set of five photographs taken by a Mr W.E. Minnion, during a journey from Robertsbridge to Tenterden Town on 23 June 1936. Interestingly, it is possible to identify all the members of staff pictured, driver Nelson Wood, guard Tony Baker and porter Harry Simmonds