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Tenterden Terrier

Tenterden Terrier Number 124 - Summer 2014

Tenterden Terrier 124 front cover18-20
The next generation: Sjors van Dongen
Andrew Morris
This interview is with an 18-year-old from Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, who has been volunteering on the K&ESR during family holidays in England since he was twelve..

Obituary: Gerald Siviour
Gerald Siviour was born in St Helier, Surrey, on 18 March 1936. A teacher by profession, he became a volunteer on the K&ESR in 1985, as Education Officer amongst other roles. He was a founder of the Terrier Trust in 1995. He later moved to Attleborough, Norfolk, where he died on 28 October 2013.

Obituary: Ron Sparrow
Ron Sparrow was born in Dagenham, Essex in 1931. He first became involved with the K&ESR in 1995 as a member of the platform staff at Northiam. He then became a Travelling Ticket Inspector, and was later Station Master at Tenterden Town and Bodiam. In recent years he worked with the Bodiam Group, where he was able to put his professional skills as an electrician to good use. Ron died on 12 May 2014.

To sleep – perchance to dream?
Bradley Bottomley
Reviews the accommodation provided for K&ESR volunteers over the years. The body of an ex-SE&CR bogie composite carriage was acquired from Ashford Works in 1964 and positioned on the platform at Tenterden Town, where it remained until 1999. A second-hand prefab bungalow was erected at Rolvenden in 1964 by Charlie and Elsie Kentsley and is still there. Maunsell carriage 7400 (gutted internally) was acquired in 1971. It was replaced in 1995 by Mark I 21238, which is still at Tenterden Town.

Wealden Pullman: the provision of perfection
Doug Lindsay
Continues the story of the Wealden Pullman from the late 1970s, when restaurant car E1955 was introduced and when contacts with former Pullman Car Company staff resulted in improvements to the service offered in terms of uniforms, equipment, menus and service. As the Wealden Pullman enters its fifth decade, the entry into service of the 1952-built Pullman car 'Aries' is awaited.

The year after the War
Nick Pallant
RAH Weight was a prolific writer on the railways of the Grouping era. At one time he particularly focused on the LNER, but after World War II he often reported on the Southern Railway. In the autumn of 1946 he visited the K&ESR, his findings at that time subsequently appearing as an article in the March 1947 issue of 'Meccano Magazine', and as an item in the 'Railway Magazine' for May/June the same year. This article combines information from both to find out how our railway appeared a little over a year before nationalization.

Gricer's irregular musings
A regular volunteer gives his personal view of events on the K&ESR, including the implications of running through to Robertsbridge in the future, special events, and the commemoration of the outbreak of the Great War.

Six of one and half a dozen of the other: a collision at Bodiam level crossing
Tom Burnham
A collision between a K&ESR railmotor set and a motor car at Bodiam in 1929 resulted in a summons and a hearing at Battle Petty Sessions, but the magistrates decided neither party was wholly to blame.

An adverse opinion
Brian Janes
Ellen Terry (1847-1928), the famous actress, had a country house at Smallhythe Place (now in the ownership of the National Trust) from 1899. Among Ellen Terry's papers held by the British Library is a copy of the K&ESR timetable for October 1922, on which the actress altered the slogan "Support the Local Line" to read "Cannot Support the Local Line. Life Too Short".