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Tenterden Terrier

Terrier Number 28 – Summer 1982

terrier028Number 28 – Summer 1982

“Pride of Sussex”
George Wright
History of this ‘P’ class 0-6-0 tank engine, which was on hire to the K&ESR in 1936, 1938 and 1947 as Southern Railway No. 1556.  It is now planned to restore it to service

The Royal visit
Paul Sutton
Illustrated report on the visit of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother to the K&ESR on 9 June 1982, as Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports

Light railway to Port Eynon
Stephen Garrett
Proposals with H.F. Stephens as engineer for a light railway connecting the Clyne Valley branch of the Swansea & Mumbles Railway with Port Eynon

Diesel from Dagenham – part 1
Andrew Webb
History of the diesel locomotives built by British Thomson Houston (BTH) for the Ford Motor Company in 1931 and its eventual preservation on the K&ESR

Cover for carriages
Paul Ramsden
Construction of the carriage restoration shed at Tenterden, which started in 1980

1932 – a postscript
Stephen Garrett
Recollections by Dr Ian C. Allen of his first visit to the K&ESR, including a photograph showing both the 2-4-0 tanks “Tenterden” and “Northiam” in steam