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Museum Tour

This is a brief visual tour around the museum. The pictures associated with each of the following paragraphs are in the gallery at the bottom of this page.

  1. The entrance to the Colonel Stephens Railway Museum, opposite the Tenterden Town Station complex of the current Kent and East Sussex Railway. Details of opening times can be found by clicking HERE.
  2. The Museum has its own bookshop, selling a wide range of second - hand books and magazines in the foyer. Museum staff are always on hand to offer advice and guide you round the Museum.
  3. The Opening Day Commemorative Plaque
  4. The National Railway Heritage Award (1997) awarded to the Colonel Stephens Museum.
  5. On entering the Museum, you will move into the Victorian Room which is dedicated the the family life of Colonel Holman Stephens. Display cases include some of his boyhood books and his toy steam train. There is the opportunity to view family photographs in delightful surroundings.
  6. One of the main features of the Colonel Stephens Museum, the carefully reconstructed Salford Terrace office used by Colonel Stephens to manage and maintain his 'railway empire'.
  7. Stephens was a active volunteer soldier throughout his life and this exhibit of his camping equipment commemorates that interest and achievement.
  8. Model replica, built by Holly Austen, of one of the first Rother Valley Railway locomotives 'Northiam'. Purchased from Hawthorn Leslie, Stephens favoured engine builder, it hauled the inaugural Rother Valley train. Loaned out to the East Kent and Weston Cleveland & Portishead, it found fame in the film 'Oh , Mr Porter'.
  9. Tableau with section of typical Light railway track with gangers trolley, permanent way tools and Lineside notices. Oilskins worn by Arthur Smith (K&ESR lengthman 1930's)
  10. Detail from the display of artefacts from the Paddock Wood and Hawkhurst Railway, featuring totems from the branch line stations of Horsmonden, Goudhurst and Cranbrook.
  11. Pride of place at the Museum goes to the Shropshire and Montgomeryshire Railway's 'Gazelle', described as the smallest preserved locomotive in the world.
  12. 'Gazelle' is on loan from the National railway Museum.
  13. Around the museum are a range of peripheral artefacts from the Colonel Stephens railways.
  14. There is a range of pre-war road signs for the ever increasing number of motorists.
  15. The museum is home to a wide range of Colonel Stephens railways ephemera, such as this public timetable poster for the Rother Valley Railway.