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Tenterden Terrier Index

Introduction to Indices Issues 1 - 100

get_adobe_readerThe accompanying pdf files list all the articles that have appeared in 33 years of The Tenterden Terrier, from issue No. 1 in Spring 1973 to issue No.100 in Summer 2006.  Letters appearing in these issues are also indexed, for often they provide valuable additional information to an earlier article: articles and letters are cross-referenced.

These indices comprise:

  • Alphabetical (24 pages):  Straight listing of entries in alphabetical order
  • Author (36 pages): Listing by surname of author, sub-listed by classification
  • Classified (36 pages): Entries listed subject classification, eg H F Stephens – biographical, sub-classified as appropriate.
  • Letters (8 pages): Listed in alphabetical order, referring back to articles: if the same topic appears in several issues, there may be some duplicated entries.

These indices do not cover Lineside News, or its predecessors, nor do they cover the vast collection of photographs that have featured over the years, unless the latter make up a story article (often in the middle pages).   If you want to know what was happening on the Kent & East Sussex Railway over a particular period, then delve into Lineside News at the time.  To help you, indices have been produced over the years, covering the previous twelve, or in more recent years, nine issues of The Tenterden Terrier.  These appeared as inserts to the journal.

The accompanying indices have been compiled afresh, without reference to any other published sources.  Classification of subject is down to the compiler’s approach and anyone else producing these indices would no doubt adopt their own classification: it is a subjective process!  Entries generally omit the beginning ‘The’ and ‘A’ from an article title, unless these prepositions are essential. Upper and lower case letters may seem to be used indiscriminately but I have followed the entries in the journal.

November 2006

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The Tenterden Terrier, the award-winning members’ journal of  the Kent & East Sussex Railway, is published three times a year on the third Saturday of March, July and November.

It includes regular reports on the progress of the preserved Kent & East Sussex Railway, letters, book reviews, and feature articles about the preservation of the K&ESR and historical aspects of all the Colonel Stephens railways.

The Tenterden Terrier was launched in 1973, when it replaced the Farmer’s Line, which had been the publication of the then Kent & East Sussex Railway Preservation Society (the predecessor of the Tenterden Railway Company) since 1961. Philip Shaw edited the Tenterden Terrier for no less than 32 years from issue No. 4 (Summer 1974) to issue No. 100 (Summer 2006) and was then succeeded by Brian Janes, for three issues. The editor's seat is currently occupied by Nick Pallant.

Finding Copies and Articles

Back issues can be purchased, subject to availability, from The Kent and East Sussex Railway's Online Store, the Gift Shop or the Colonel Stephens Railway Museum at Tenterden Town station.

Collections of the Tenterden Terrier are held by various reference libraries, including the Science Museum Library, London, and the Railway Room at Ashford (Kent) Public Library.

Neil Rose has compiled lists of all the articles that have appeared in 33 years of The Tenterden Terrier, from issue No. 1 in Spring 1973 to issue No.100 in Summer 2006.  These pdf files can be downloaded by going to The Tenterden Terrier Introduction to Indices Issues 1 - 100 page.

Lists of the main feature articles in all issues have been compliled by Tom Burnham and are availavable from 'The Tenterden Terrier' menu, you may also use the search box in the website header.